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Best UFO Sightings for August 1 – 7, 2013

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:
What a fascinating video … I’ve often considered that the heavens hare going through their frequency changes to for these times of new beginnings .. But not that their frequencies … Continue reading

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Earth Changes: “North Australia Will Be At Equator” And Africa Will Be Pulled Apart Say German Scien

Concerning this article below … I consider that both the frequency and velocity of the Mother Earth’s gravitational field has already began to slowly speed up … And events that … Continue reading

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Celestial Awareness

Now I’m sure … a many of minds have realized (at different levels) the serious state of a mess our mainstream world is in … Evidence have proved that  not … Continue reading

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In a Matrix World Run By Machines and literally Upside Down

There remains a truth of celestial knowing associated with Mother Earth that ye has been hidden from mainstream … though a lot of things have changed since “before” the known … Continue reading

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Officials investigate cause behind massive earth-split in Brazil

Now I’m saying that the LHC machine caused this split in the earth mentioned in the article below … and maybe has caused even some of the seemingly bottomless sinkholes … Continue reading

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