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Celestial Awareness

Now I’m sure … a many of minds have realized (at different levels) the serious state of a mess our mainstream world is in …

Evidence have proved that  not only our food products have been poisoned by a genetically modified processes destroying all of the Mother Earth’s true nutrients … but the very seeds have been genetically modified to the point even if labels say the product is natural .. it’s actually naturally modified … this process of genetically modification is either works of mad scientist or a cunning plot against humanity (PAH)

In some cases I’ve read that even the seeds themselves have destroyed the Mother Earth’s soil to the point in which the land was not healthy enough to be tilled and yield products the following year … an ignorant oversight or a PAH

I’ve read a report where farmers were starving on their own land … two words that seems almost impossible to have been used in the same sentence … 1. farmers — 2. starving

I’ve read that vaccinations have been proven to cause autism .. and even have killed our children all over the world … and that in some cases up to 9 vaccinations were being given to babies not even two months  …. do we consider these medical dumb dumbs or a PAH

I read that a new mom in a hospital trying to keep nurses from giving her baby early vaccinations for fear it might harm her baby was forced to leave the hospital while child protective service were called in … we either have retards and imbeciles running the medical profession or we are witnessing a diabolical plot against humanity

I could go on and on with events having their evil and diabolical outcomes … events that should have never been put in play and have shown their faces among humanity … just follow the truth and judge for yourself …

I can only conclude that we have awaken to face the horrors of a nightmare ..

But there is a sweet and sour good point to waking up in these days and times … because we wake up to also face the end of evil times .. and for a little while longer things will become somewhat rough …

But there will come a time when some might least expect yet others have eagerly hoped for … a time when a frequency Harvest Shift .. will shift a people over into a Utopia like reality of the Mother Earth …

And it’s in that Shift that Mother Earth we will once again be aligned with the Christos Positron stars of the heavens … and though this Blessed alliance … groups will be quickened and transited at the frequency call of 13 different bellows that will shake the heavens … and each group of quickened people will be taken in a stream of Living Plasma of Positive Energy … up and over to the New Earth …

This will be a journey through a prepared wormhole portal which have been set up at the hands of 12 plus 1 Christos lunar/sun star colony’s … which are connecting transit-stations holding place through time and space … reaching all the way up to the 3rd Universal Plane as we are not in the 7th lower Universal Plane referred to as deep space … these 12 plus 1 have also been referred to as a millennium time line ascension points …. but have also been referred to as 12 Saints of the Positive Lights …

Such a wormhole transit will safely deliver a people up and over …. to first receiving chambers there in that massive size Mother Ship often referred to as Old Israel resting in the New Constellation House of David … and from there each will be registered in new homestead there in the well prepared New Earth …

Yes there is a celestials side to all that has been and that is to come … just as there is a GOD Science side, to the Word of GOD …


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